Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coyote Concert

I went outside about 11:00 pm to help DW unload some items (she had gone to the Cliftex and a movie with friends) from the car and we were able to catch an evening serenade by a pack of coyotes.  Sounds like the were in the goat pasture and with the trees we've recently cut between the house and that gate it was very loud and sounded like they were right on us.  That fence row basically completely crosses Rattlesnake Mt. and has always been a trail for critters going from Meridian Creek valley to Gary Creek valley.  Always find interesting tracks and a reason I could never have baby goats survive in that pasture.  It was a clear still night and a new moon as well, not sure if that played into the coyote concert.  Very interesting and somewhat scary if I had not been standing just feet from the front door.

This link will give you an idea: 

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