Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update

The weather has cooled and we are getting more typical fall weather finally. Very dry, only a small shower (.5) over past two weeks so it is starting to get dusty as well. We have done some clearing and dirt work, but nothing major. Very good tree clearing weather so it's time to get started on some projects.

The birds have not really been visiting the feeders for awhile. A few Cardinals in the fountain on occasion. We have real concern about a big cat. We have moved big rocks we were using as a border and cut the high grass along the front circle that we had intended to be natural. It's too close to the front where we let Kenzie go out in the evenings and to be safe we are clearing out that area. Of course the grass is higher than normal this year. I have heard something in there twice, which I had originally just thought were deer, but the last time I think it was a big cat. I started packing both pistol and spot light when letting the dog out, but since doing so, have seen nor heard other signs. They are so smart.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend Update

I was again traveling the past nine days so not a lot of doings around the ranch. The weather has been hot & dry and the amount of fall pollen, etc. is really high since we have all the new growth of grasses this year. I'm now paying for it with hay fever. Being away didn't help as it has hit me all at once. We may be looking forward to a freeze. At least grass has somewhat covered all the old road dirt I spread in the spring.

Terry did paint the kitchen and make repairs in the big house. Looks very good.

The three donkeys have kind of assimilated with the rest of the animals. Sometimes with them and sometimes still on their own. I guess I was very wrong about the goats getting ready to kid. They may have just been super fat from all the grass available. They haven't 'bagged up' like they should so only time will tell.