Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 2011

We've been away for several weeks. Pepino did a great job feeding and watching the place. The freeze damage was very noticeable when we returned. We may lose all the Jasmine. We have trimmed it back and we will hope for the best. The plumber made it out and repaired the busted copper pies at the cabin. There were some other problems inside the cabin as well. All fixed now.

The weather of late has been good. We have been able to clean all the flower beds and start spring chores. We did set a new water line to the Pavilion. That will be great for a small garden and washing autos under the cover of the pavilion. (Remember it's called a pavilion when it cost too much to be called a car port). We also cleaned out the wildlife water tank - amazingly the fish survived the cold weather. They are happy now.

Pepino thinks we have a mountain lion, very few squirrels, rabbits, etc. of late. Since we haven't had a lot of activity here for a few weeks they probably have hunted around the house. Since I always feed the birds the feeders attract squirrels that are easy prey for the big cats. We have seen them catch them in the trees.

Spring is almost here. The grass is now turning green. The Spanish Oaks have begun to bud. The Live Oaks that dropped leaves early are also beginning to bud - that's great as many were stressed first by drought and then cold weather. The old established Live Oaks seem to be on schedule to drop leaf a little later.

We have also came home with a new puppy, Maisie Lee. She is about 8 weeks old. Another West Highland White Terrier of course. She has kept us busy the past week and I think she will make a great house dog--she seems very smart. We will not let her out of our sight since we suspect big cats. Also watching for owls at night who would scoop her up in a minute.