Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold January

It's been a colder than normal January. A lot more nights dropping to freezing than normal with a few very cold nights. Really too cold to get any chores or projects done around the ranch this month.

Lost the remaining goat kids. One every few days. That sounds like a mountain lion to me. So far none of the big does have gone missing. Very disappointing though. Feeding every day as no good grass.

It's also been very dry. We did get about an inch mid-month and some of the rye grass I put out has come out. I doubt we have much rye grass this year.

I did put a plastic can out by the goat fence filled with feed. That way on very cold days I can just make one stop to feed and drive the truck down. I've had to do that a lot this month. I don't care for the cold weather.