Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mild Winter

It has been a mild beginning to 2012. The weather has been good. We have had a few days below freezing, but many more days of 70°+ temperature. We have also been blessed with over 5 inches of rain in January and February. It has been very good for the trees.

I've let the goats graze on the 'house side' as usual in the winter months. There is plenty of cedar and cedar grass over here and the mountain pasture is very dormant. They probably have culled a lot of the potential wildflowers, but that's OK they need the roughage.

The trees have just begun their transition. The largest Spanish Oak on the place is fully budded and a lot of the others are about to do it. The largest live oak is starting to loose its leaves now as well.

The deer are not as active. The fawns are now big enough to jump the fences so they are probably all up on the mountain.