Monday, January 28, 2008

Journal Update

It was a cool cloudy week (30-50°'s) with about 1/2" of rain one day. Overall though it has been very dry so the damp weather was good. I've noticed more deer drinking from the tank by the house and it's because the stock tank has now gone dry. I think they were drinking from the fountain while we were away as well. It did warm up to 70° and got in some work but mainly filling bird & deer feeders, water tanks, fountain, and some road work.

I have noticed more critters this week so they are coming back. Deer hunters probably scared any big cats away.

The kids are getting big and are active. Hopefully there will be grass for them soon. They are really eating the food now and increasing the number of bags of feed needed.

Nothing real exciting happening on the mountain this week.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Journal Update

It seems every time we go out of town it gets real cold and it seemed to be true this past week as well. Neighbors report a low of 18° one night. Thanks for feeding the animals, sorry it was so cold. The kids look so big after not seeing them for a week. Amazing. Looks like some rain this week and it is needed.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Journal Update

We had nice weather over the weekend with temperatures in high 70's. Finally some weather to work outside so the project was clean out the barn. Took awhile, but that was accomplished along with some tree trimming nearby.

The baby goats are young goats now. All of them have their horns started. Jerry, the only male, dropped his goods although we are not going to band him. May need him to trade off duties next time we need a billy goat. They are now eating the goat food and trying to browse as well. Won't be much grass until spring though. Lost one of the big gold fish. There was ice last week on the tank and I'm guessing a raccoon or something was able to trap it. This fish had grown from the size of my thumb to almost the size of my hand.

Hopefully the good weather will continue and we will have an early spring.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year Update

The weather has continued with very cold mornings and warmer in the afternoons. A few very cold mornings in the mid 20ยบ range. Too cold or limited time/daylight for a lot of outside work.

The kids are doing fine. They are just now taking serious interest in the goat feed. They rush the gate with the adults at feeding time. Over a month old and they are filling out well. Some look real good as far as form and confirmation goes, but I don't 'show' goats. They will be keepers though for sure.

Still plenty of ladybugs (at least indoors) and finches around. I put out the snacks, cookies, trail mix, nuts, etc. left over from the holidays and that has attracted a few raccoons and squirrels. So they are not all gone. I am curious as to what culled them, but we have also cleared more on top of the mountain so they do have less cover near the house. We are still also getting a lot of deer at the feeder.