Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Initial Post-Twisted Oak Ranch

I have created this blog to serve as a log or journal of activities, actions, and happenings at Twisted Oak Ranch. I wish I started several years ago when we moved here full time, but at least I'm getting this resolution started for 2007.

January has been cooler and wetter than previous years. The tank has water, but still just below normal. Rain has been about 6+ inches for the month. The county finally dropped the 'burn ban' which had been in effect most of 2006. Hopefully we'll be able to get back to clearing land. We did get to burn the cedar and oak branches we had to trim that had been broken by the freeze in mid January. Deer have been active and I have noticed a lot of foxes including pairs. We can no longer get fresh eggs from the neighbors as they have lost all their hens to foxes so they probably need to be culled. I have noticed fewer rabbits, but attribute that to the bobcats and jagurundi, not the foxes.