Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend Update

The goats are doing well, all of them, including kids, go up the mountain in the mornings and then back to the goat lot in the afternoon. The kids are starting to take interest in the goat feed, but they are a long way off from chowing down. We've had both friends and relatives visit this week and the kids did show off for them. Since we don't have that big of a crop of kids this year, all eight babies tend to stay together as a group. Very entertaining to watch them. I believe they are about three weeks old in these photos taken earlier this week.

Weather was cool this week. Down to freezing several mornings, but mostly pleasant days

We had about a dozen turkeys cross the road in front of us today. I guess they won't be Christmas dinner for anyone this year. The finches are more active this week. They went through the six bird feeders in a hurry. We have our almost annual group of ladybugs. They have been in and around the house for a few weeks now and they are everywhere. They aren't a problem, just interesting to see so many.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sunshine Update

Today has been the first day with sun for a while. We've had scattered showers and clouds for about a week. Almost 3" accumulation of rain. Fortunately no ice as that has been all north of us. In fact it has been 32ยบ twice, but we have not had a 'hard freeze'. We still have blooming begonias and other flowers. Rye grass has emerged with this rain.

All mothers and kids are well. Opened the big pasture gate today so I'm sure they will go exploring soon. Hope no babies get left behind. It happens, they fall asleep and lose track of the big goats. Almost two weeks old in this photo. Open the photo, all eight are there.

Deer have been active this week.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Weekend Update

All I had to do was leave the ranch and of course everything happens. The goats kidded this week. Eight babies, seven females. The kids look very good. Terry had to separate donkeys, pen goats with moma's, get food & water, and everything else. All this and she was working in town all week decorating for Christmas and the Norwegian weekend.

The only bad news: We did loose another goat who happened to be the mother of the previous one we lost. They may have had a toxicity issue with birthing. Sometimes that happens.

Photos: Babies not quite 3 days old. Baby MoMo on the right (named for a friend)