Sunday, May 27, 2007

Still Raining!

We've continued to get rain through the weekend. As of tonight about 6.3" accumulation. It's come down gradually for the most part so only minor water damage to ranch roads. The tank was flowing over the spillway today. First time I have actually seen it and only second time since it was built in the 1970's. Good thing that the culverts were installed on the road last week, they are moving a lot of water. All my water diverters did very well, but I see a few more area which could use some work before the next big rains. All the dry creeks are running wet and probably will for a while.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekend Update

Very busy with festival work so not a lot of ranch work getting done. I did get a few burn piles burned and moved several loads of material on our road going up the mountain. It had dried out from previous rains and although it has been cool and cloudy many days we didn't get any real rain until Thursday. Last night and today it poured. We've had 3.7 inches total. Very soft getting up my road from the new material I put out, BUT the real mess is the county road. They just finished scraping off all the road material in preparation for the new road material they have been digging out of the mountain. This heavy rain has just made the road a muddy bog. Hopefully they will get this cleaned up and start the new road base soon.

It is almost June and we have only had one day that the temperature has reached 90ยบ and just barely then. Very cool and wet spring.

I have also seen a large number of rabbits this year, Maybe we culled too many fox and bobcat last year. I wouldn't be surprised to see a big cat back this fall. I've also seen a lot of snakes out and about. I think that is because of the wetter than normal weather though.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Culvert Day

They installed all three of my new culverts at my gates today. I switched a 15" x 30' for a 18" x 30' at one gate per the counties request yesterday. The other two are 15" x 30'. Thanks to the neighbors who switched sizes with me. The new culverts look great. They will look even better when they build up the road. At one neighbors place they have cut away a lot of the mountain and have been stocking up gravel to use as road base. They've done this for a few weeks. When they finish installing the culverts I guess they will start the road base. We will have a paved road sometime this year I'm sure. Seeing this photo reminds me I better go reset my mailbox before tomorrows mail.

I have to do some road work of my own from the Sunday rain so I better get on with that.....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Update

Countdown to TSF&HG so that's keeping me busy. Terry or Caitlin bring mail from town when they go so we can keep updated on Festival mail fairly well. It is amazing that with modern technology that one can 'run' an operation such as the Scottish Festival from the country. Isn't it wonderful? Doesn't allow a lot of time working on the Ranch though this time of year.

Weather has continued to be great. Cool evenings and occasional showers. We had 1" of rain earlier in the week and a very sudden downpour of 1.3 inches about 2:00 pm Sunday. New wildflowers blooming this week would be the Thistle and the Prickly Pear Cactus (photo). The cactus will only bloom a week or so, so I've already taken some photos. We enjoy the thistle as it always blooms just before the Scottish Festival. Very appropriate as the National flower of Scotland. Most of the Bluebonnets are gone, but the Indian Paint Brush, Black-Eyed Susan, and others are looking good.

We did go to Clifton and the Tin Building Theater production of Nunsense. Caitlin was stage manager and also played a nun. Then to Waco and dinner. A big trip to the big city for Mothers Day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Rain

We had more rain last night and this evening. A 3.5 accumulation before this evenings big rain. I did a little tractor work during the day to move or change the water runoff. They worked well in this evenings rain.

I also had to do a little fence repair today. We had goats in the county road previous two evenings when we went down to feed. I think they were curious about that new 30' culvert pipe setting just outside their fence on the county road and found a weak spot in the fence. I set some new posts and it should be good now.

I saw that turkey hen again that I previously mentioned. She was at the top of the mountain this time, not frantic, but still looking.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1st Painted Bunting

Just saw my first Painted Bunting of the year. This is my favorite bird and many think one of the most unique in Texas. It was on the back feeder. Very colorful. I believe this is the earliest I have seen one. I thought I may have seen a Golden Cheeked Warbler the other day, but won't say so for sure. It could have been. I have some special seed for the Painted Buntings so I guess I'll put some out.

It was cloudy all of yesterday and today we did get a very good rain. Looks like 2" of rain over the past 24 hours or so. Great for the grass seed and new garden. Has to help the yard and trees as well. The drought over the past two years has been hard on a lot of the plants and trees.

I had three 30' sections of culvert delivered yesterday. Looks like they may ready to add gravel to the county road soon. I'll be ready for them when they do.