Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some Rain

We had a nice shower late yesterday. 1.8 inches in about an hour. Looks like I will be repairing the road later today when it dries out some. We need the rain, but it seems to come in deluges when it comes. The grass looks great this morning.

I have been building a new cedar screen around the pool equipment. While gathering previously cut cedar from the mountain pasture yesterday I flushed three fawns, a pair and a single. This was just from the upper portion where I had left a lot of cut cedar on the ground. They use it as cover so I'm glad I left some on the ground.

BTW-The Painted Buntings really like the rainy weather.

Friday, July 23, 2010


It has now become more typical July weather. Up to the high 90's during the day. Still not as hot as the 1st week of June though. We did get more rain last week. A 1.2" rain followed by a .75" rain. I did have to grade the road three times in a week, but it has been very dry this past week. The grass is very green for this time of year. The pastures all look great. The goats love it.

We have really started to enjoy the swimming pool. It is very nice indeed. We have two frogs that are also using the pool. There is a perfect little frog cave in the natural stone area and the other one stays in the waterfall. Since we are using the new UV system we don't have to use high levels of pool chemicals and the water is very nice for both humans and critters.

I have moved some bird feeders so that they can be seen from the new pool and patio area. The birds like them. I still see a Painted Bunting every day and on every feeder. I'm not sure how many we have in total, but at least two pair.

Add: We had a summer shower just after posting this message. A nice .45 almost a 1/2 inch of needed rain.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

June or July?

We seem to be getting June's weather in July and July's weather in June so far. June started very hot with 100° heat early and very hot all through the month. July has started rainy and cooler. We have had 5+ inches of rain so far with isolated/scattered rain forecast for another week. The grass has really greened back up and looks good.

The Mountain Pinks have bloomed as usual. A unique summer flower only found in this area. They usually start blooming around June 21st.

We've been getting a lot of chores done and cleaned up around the house as we have had a lot of visitors the past two weekends. I had a metal grill made that fits onto a tractor rim that makes a very good BBQ pit. Also the plumber came out and we had a list of repairs for him. I could not locate one water line (in time) so I still need a stand pipe set near the Pavilion.

The fawns have been getting brave enough to come up by the house. We've seen a set of twins and two other ones. The baby goats are getting their horns now and are eating grass and testing the feed as well. The birds are active and I still see the Painted Buntings almost daily.