Sunday, February 13, 2011

Better Weather

The cold continued and in fact another front came through with perhaps the coldest single day yet. Thank goodness it didn't last long. It began warming and by Saturday it was nice. It was 65° yesterday and made 74° today. Very nice weather. It will soon dry out the mud and melt the ice still remaining in the shade and tanks. I turned on the water on the line going to the livestock tank. After busting the remaining ice it filled very well. No leaks.

I filled the battery on the Gator and got it running again. It was too cold to drive it anyway. Using the farm truck to drive down to feed the goats most days. I did trim more cedar trees on the road so the truck could get through without hitting too many cedars yesterday. Fed the tops to the goats. I never had to use the truck so much in previous winters.

This has been an interesting week for wildlife. We have the usual deer if not more, but a few days ago an opossum was hanging out next to my feed barrel. Yesterday an armadillo was hanging by the barn. Today was turkey day. A flock of at least 12 walked across the back yard from east to west this morning, then this afternoon, after feeding, I was cutting across the trail on Ray's Ridge and almost drove the Gator into a flock of about 20+ turkey in cedars. I turned around and left the trail to them. I wouldn't mind if they hang around the ranch, maybe we'll have one next Thanksgiving.

The weather is supposed to good all week. Hope so.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ice Storm of 2011

We had an ice storm on Monday night and it coated everything with a nice glaze of white ice. It's not thick but layered over everything and not melting as it's very cold. In fact we had 102 hours below freezing. Early Friday morning we had a nice little snow. Amazing. It dropped to 14-15° degrees two nights. We have been holed up in the house for the week.

I have had to both feed and haul water to the goats as the water trough is frozen solid. The birds have really appreciated the seed I have put out for them. The Cardinals come close as the feeders are by the house and they have few options with the ground covered. A lot of deer have come up too.

When I went to feed several goats were out. I was frustrated with the water situation and really didn't need another problem. I scared one so much she ran strait to her hole so I knew where to patch. It's amazing how small a space they can get through. Finally I rounded up the rest and repaired the fence.

Today was the big thaw and as I feared we have a water line break at the cabin. No water at the house as it ran down hill to the break. I was worried that it was worse than it was but I was able to isolate the water line to the cabin and restore water to the house. Thank goodness, that's nasty muddy work and I needed a shower. Today was actually nice and I wanted to get to town to stock up on feed and groceries, but too busy with all the repairs. Life on the ranch!