Thursday, September 27, 2007


We've been traveling and not spending as much time at the Ranch this month.

I did get the stump grinder tuned and serviced. That meant grinding stumps of course. We are extended the grassy area in the back further away from the house. This means cutting cedar trees, grinding stumps, etc.. Because of the good rains this year, the grass is doing well, so it is a great time to do it if we are going to do it.

I mentioned the fewer rabbits and squirrels in a previous blog and now I am not seeing as many raccoons. This is very unusual as they usually raid the feeders every night, but have been absent for a week. Either a neighbor has hunted and/or trapped a lot of them or I'm afraid we do have a BIG cat here again. That would not be good.

The new three amigas (donkeys) are doing great. They really put on a show running and chasing each other and just 'showing off' when we got back from a trip. They love the pasture. The goats are huge, thought they would be having kids soon, but not yet. I haven't seen any hummingbirds the past week so I guess they may be gone for the year.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend Update

We had a big rain overnight Monday and Tuesday. Over 5 inches. That's as much as the rain gauge holds. FM 182 was again closed as Gary Creek was over the bridge by a lot. With this rain we should have grass until we get a freeze. The new culverts both on the county road and our trail worked very well. Of course with 5" everything overflowed, but it did so where it is designed. Then the culverts controlled the run off. Repaired gullies in road later in the week.

Tuesday night was 7 night. There were seven deer in the back yard and then later after dark there were seven raccoons (counting the young triplets) in the back circle.

The three new donkeys still independent of the rest of the animals. Annie keeps them separated. There is room and grass so not a problem. All the goats will be having kids soon perhaps as soon as two weeks is my prediction.

The weather has been nice. Warm, but not too hot in afternoons. We did some trimming and cut some cedars as well. We've been gradually expanding the yard into the woods. The wet weather and growing yard grass has allowed us to do so.

I've noticed some new fall flowers. Still lots of hummingbirds and cardinals.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekly Update

We were out of town for a week so no real activities by us although the wildlife and animals look like they had a good week. All animals accounted for and healthy. In fact Annie looks too heavy. I think she is trying to eat all the grass in the pasture before the three new donkeys can. The rain gauge had .6 inches so it did rain during the week. Early this morning we got a good rain of 1.5 inches. The grass was starting to get stressed, but with this rain we will have grass all summer for the first time in many years. With just a little help we could have grass through November or longer.

I've noticed numerous ruby-throated hummingbirds. I guess they are finally here. They are really battling the other hummingbirds for the feeders.