Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gosh...haven't posted here in a year.  Facebook has pretty much replaced blogging although I haven't posted on the TOR FB page much either.

Traveled a lot in 2014, but spending the entire summer on the ranch.  Got a lot of to-do lists finished.  Cleaned cedars from fence rows, pushed and burned a lot of dead cedar trees, and burned some 1970's burn piles.  We were able to do more burning than normal as we had the wettest May in many years.  We had a good six weeks of perfect burn weather and took advantage of it.

Cleaned cedar from around the old Twisted Oak and it looks great, you can now see it from the ranch road.

Given up on goats...too many predators.  Sold all but two young Billies who will keep Annie company.  I can loan them out for breeding to neighbors.

Year of the rabbit...they are everywhere.  Lot's of Armadillo as well.

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