Monday, February 18, 2013

It’s been forever since I have made an update.  It’s been a busy fall and winter, I/we have done several Caribbean cruises, traveled Italy, and done a TransAtlantic cruise.
We are very fortunate to have a good friend that likes to stay at the house/ranch while we are away.

As a result of a lot of travel I decided to try the MVP protein goat food that is manufactured in Clifton.  I can purchase a 100lb. tub and it will supplement the goats while we are away.  That way they can forage and just get fed occasionally.  It really seems to work well.

It’s been an overall dry fall and winter.  We have had some rain, but most tanks in the area are very low or dry.   I think we have had enough for spring flowers.  We’ll see.

I have had cedar choppers who are cutting the cedar that died during the drought.  One began harvesting good cedar even cutting some oak to get to them, but I discovered it right away and made a call to the sheriff for theft. 

The goats did get into the new plants we planted last spring around the house.  I sure hope they come back this year or I’m in trouble.  I also need grass to cover the area just east of the house and drive where we cut a lot of cedar.  At least we will have a new good parking area.

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